Now that Sony's PlayStation 5 games reveal event is out of the way, it feels like developers have much more free reign to post gameplay of next-gen titles as and when they please. One example is Scarlet Nexus from Bandai Namco, arriving on the Japanese giant's next console and PlayStation 4. It's definitely a short slice of footage, but we think it's worth checking out all the same.

Alongside some beautiful, cinematic cutscenes, we catch some quick glimpses of an acrobatic combat system filled with style and colour. You'll be able to control objects in the environment and launch them at enemies and leave no foe standing with your own assortment of abilities. It looks pretty good in action, but of course, we'll have to play it for ourselves to confirm that. Are you hyped to play Scarlet Nexus on PS5 or PS4? Jump into the comments below.