PS4 Games on PS5

Today in news that we kind of already knew: Sony won't be forcing publishers and developers to upgrade their existing PS4 games on PS5, but the process comes recommended with support from Sony. Previously, the Japanese giant confirmed that any new PS4 games going through the certification process after the 17th July 2020 must be compatible with PS5, so the below statement from Sony Japan refers to titles that have already been released.

As translated by BlackKite on Twitter, the statement says that Sony's PS4 to PS5 upgrade program will "be done at the publisher's own discretion". However, the PlayStation maker will "flexibly support" any upgrades.

Full next-gen updates aren't required, then, but remember not to confuse this with backwards compatibility. Although we're yet to see it in action, Sony has reiterated that the PS5 will play PS4 games on multiple occasions, with titles currently being tested to ensure that they run properly on the next-gen console.

Are there any particular PS4 games that you want to see upgraded on PS5? Pray for 60fps in the comments section below.

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