Project CARS 3 was announced all of a sudden yesterday for PlayStation 4, and it looks like some outlets have already had a taste of this new direction for the hardcore racing franchise. As the announcement trailer demonstrated, you'll be taking to both the track and streets of classic cities across the world. It's a move which some might fear could come with a more arcadey feel, but Eurogamer has been reassured that isn't the case.

Speaking with Pete Morrish, the game's director of production, he explains that while the physics engine and simulation has been tweaked in the backend, it's still just as sim-focused as the previous two instalments. "One of the concerns with presenting things as simulation is it can be quite po-faced, it can be quite dry, and we wanted to make it much more friendly, much more supportive, much more democratic, so new players could come along and learn at their own pace and get to the point where we as racing game fans, as simulation fans are. At any point in that continuum from beginner to proper esports racer, you can find your level and find your enjoyment."

Morrish goes on to claim that players will work their way through 10 different car classes as part of a revamped career mode which will introduce customisation for both vehicle decals and what's under the hood. "It's not about a huge sweeping change to the overall game, it's more about keeping what was there for the people who loved it and helping more people along the way make those steps into sim racing."

Project CARS 3 is scheduled to launch on PS4 this summer, so there shouldn't be too much of a wait before we're all playing the game for ourselves. Will you be filling the hotter months of 2020 with some hardcore racing action? Speed into the comments below.