Update: Bandai Namco, the publisher of Project CARS 3, has issued an update as to what happened here. The PlayStation Europe YouTube channel was the only place this announcement trailer was initially uploaded, and that's because the team wanted to delay the reveal in support of the Black Lives Matter protests.

Bandai Namco said: "Originally we had decided to delay this announcement to cede the floor to more important matters. Regrettably, the trailer for Project CARS 3 went live last night despite all our efforts of keeping it under wraps. Since the surprise is now gone, we're sharing the trailer with you."

Well, it looks like Slightly Mad Studios has been rather busy. Alongside Fast & Furious Crossroads, the developer has just officially announced Project CARS 3 for PlayStation 4. What's more, it's out this summer. Which is, like, now? We've embedded the reveal trailer above -- it looks like you'll have the chance to play this one very soon.

In action, it's the typical racing game trailer affair. Lots of flashy, fast cars race one another in picturesque locations. You know the drill. The footage does make sure to focus on customisation at least along with some nighttime environments taking place both on the track and city streets. We awarded Project CARS 2 an 8/10 upon its 2017 launch, stating that it "manages to tie together a dizzying number of vehicular disciplines, and it’s a lot of fun flitting from one to the next." Let's hope this third iteration is even better.

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