PS4 Lidl
Image: Olivier Dauvers

The PlayStation 5 may be right around the corner, but there’s still huge demand for the PlayStation 4 – especially when it’s priced as low as €95. A Lidl store in France attracted enormous crowds today, as the supermarket plunged the price of Sony’s flagship format as part of a special promotion. The police were called, and the deal has since been cancelled.

“We were very surprised by the enthusiasm and we apologise for the inconvenience caused,” a spokesperson for the shop said, via Google Translate. “Today, we believe that the security conditions are not met to keep the supermarket open. The sale of the PS4 is also permanently cancelled.”

The scenes are reminiscent of those across Europe when the PS4 first launched. It’ll be interesting to see how retailers cope with the demand for the PS5 later this year, with Sony saying its confident it’ll be able to get consoles to those who want them. Whatever happens, this is proof that there’s still an enormous market for PS4, and the Japanese giant will still be able to move plenty of units once next-gen arrives.

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