We got a good long look at Ghost of Tsushima during its dedicated State of Play broadcast, but if you're keen to see more, PlayStation has released a number of very short gameplay clips. The first (embedded above) does a great job of showing off some combat mechanics, despite being just 24 seconds in length.

Main character Jin can switch stances, which helps him deal with different enemy types. It's also clear that this footage is taken from a newer build of the game -- the environments look absolutely gorgeous thanks to bold lighting and lovely fog effects. Phwoar!

The next clip is even shorter, but it demonstrates Jin's ability to heal his wounds. You can opt to do this by using up some of your 'resolve' which is basically like Jin's super meter. You'll need to decide whether you want to spend resolve on healing, or on special attacks.

This third and final clip goes for something a bit different. It shows Jin making use of vendors to upgrade his equipment. You'll need to gather materials from out in the world to beef up your gear. Again, the visuals are incredibly pretty.

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