Update: It turns out there are a fair few gameplay videos of DIRT 5 floating around. It seems the footage is all of an early PC build. We've embedded a few video previews here for your viewing pleasure.

Original Story: DIRT 5 is the next off-road racing game from Codemasters, and the first to make it onto next-gen consoles. Announced for both PlayStation 4 and PS5, this new instalment is a return to the more fun-loving side of the franchise, which has now been split in two. DIRT Rally is the rock hard simulation series, while these numbered DIRT games opt for a more arcade-like vibe.

You can certainly see that in full effect in the above video. It's the very first real gameplay of DIRT 5 we've seen, and it's looking very strong indeed. The frame rate on the video isn't particularly smooth, but the dev is promising up to 120 frames per second on next-gen hardware. It's not made clear which platform is running this gameplay, though.

Mike Morton, lead designer on the game, talks over the footage, explaining the game's ambitious career mode. We learned all about that last week, but we don't mind hearing about it again when it's accompanied by this fresh footage.

What do you make of this first glimpse at DIRT 5? Look out for muddy puddles in the comments section below.

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