Official The Last of Us Podcast PS4 PlayStation 4

We hope you're not tired of hearing about The Last of Us just yet. With the highly anticipated sequel just around the corner, Sony is spinning up the marketing machine once again. Tomorrow's State of Play presentation is all about The Last of Us: Part II, and it's been showing weekly videos that delve into various aspects of the game. If that wasn't enough, The Last of Us is getting an official podcast.

Aptly named The Official The Last of Us Podcast, the show will be hosted by writer and series fan Christian Spicer. He'll be joined by all the guests you might expect as each episode releases -- Troy Baker, Ashley Johnson, Neil Druckmann, and other Naughty Dog staffers are to make an appearance. They'll be going over the making of the first game while recapping the story, but behind-the-scenes stories from the development of Part II are also promised.

The first instalment will be available from 9th June on all the typical podcast services, such as Apple Podcasts and Spotify. If you can't wait for the sequel and you really need to scratch that itch, The Official The Last of Us Podcast could tide you over. Will you be tuning in? Pop on your headphones in the comments section below.

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