The Medium PS5 PlayStation 5 1

Microsoft showcased several previously unannounced Xbox Series X games during its third-party showcase earlier today, and we’ve been trying to get clarification on whether they’ll come to PlayStation 5 in the future. There’s already been some confusion over Yakuza: Like a Dragon, which fails to mention Sony’s next-gen system in any of its marketing materials. We’ve asked publisher SEGA to clarify.

The Medium is another title that fails to mention PS5 in any of its press materials. Bloober Team’s survival horror will feature an original soundtrack from Silent Hill composer Akira Yamaoka and promises to build upon the distinct brand of psychological horror that the Polish studio has been nurturing since the release of Layers of Fear. We’ve contacted the team for comment, but we imagine this will end up a timed exclusive, as that was the case with its previous title, Blair Witch.

Scorn, meanwhile, is being out-and-out described as a console exclusive. The chilling H.R. Geiger-inspired horror has given us very little to go on thus far, but evidently you’ll be coming face-to-face with countless hole-ridden horrors. It’ll also be launching on Steam, but it sounds like PS5 is out of the question for now. The same appears to be true of online co-op game Second Extinction, although we’ve contacted developer Systemic Reaction in an attempt to learn more.

Finally, titles like Call of the Sea and The Ascent appear to be console exclusives, but we’ve asked all related parties for additional comment on whether they will come to the PS5 in the future. As for anime combat game Scarlet Nexus, its official website only mentions Xbox platforms for the time being. We’ve, once again, contacted Bandai Namco, and we’ll try to get clarification on whether this is planned for Sony’s systems as well.