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We now know that Sony will reveal the PlayStation 5's first selection of games on 4th June, during its Future of Gaming livestream event. Coronavirus has forced it to reveal its hand as part of a State of Play-esque broadcast, as opposed to its typical PlayStation Meeting stage show. That means that it will have the opportunity to curate a playlist of trailers and gameplay demos for a selection of next-gen titles, and the debate is rumbling regarding what they could include.

We don’t believe everything listed in this article will make the final cut, but speculation suggests there will be a “significant” selection of software – although it sounds like some publishers may prefer to reveal titles during their own livestreams. We’ve included several third-party titles as part of this article, then, but only ones we believe the Japanese giant may have acquired marketing rights for. Assassin’s Creed Valhalla won’t appear, for example, because it’s tied up with Xbox Series X.

We can, at least, be confident that there will be some first-party games as part of the showcase. Demon’s Souls Remake sounds like the surest thing, with developer Bluepoint already confirmed to be working on a “big game” for the next-gen console. It’s been assumed for years now that this project is a remake of FromSoftware’s legendary action RPG, and while there’s never really been any evidence to back it up, it’s safe to assume that its work will debut alongside the PS5 itself.

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Ratchet & Clank is another persistent rumour that’s been rumbling for years now. This game has purportedly been in development for the PlayStation 4 for quite some time, but seeing as it was never officially announced, it’s perhaps safe to assume that it’s switched to PS5. As launch titles go, it’s hard to imagine a franchise more perfect than the platformer, as it’s recognisable with iconic characters, and also a good “all ages” option. If it’s really in development, it’ll be there.

Other potential first-party titles are less sure bets, however. We can be almost certain that God of War 2 and Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 are in development, but Sony may want to sit on them until they’re closer to release. Horizon Zero Dawn 2 seems like the likeliest sequel announcement, with Guerrilla Games well-known technical wizards capable of putting together a true next-gen showpiece. Aloy’s bow would be a perfect showcase for the DualSense controller, and its open world will surely test the system’s SSD. We doubt it’ll be a launch game, but we’d put money on it being revealed fairly soon.

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Gran Turismo 7 seems like another certainty, especially after its purported logo leaked. Polyphony Digital has slowly been switching to a service model, and it would benefit the series to have a game available early in the PS5’s lifespan so it could be updated all generation long. It’s really not hard to imagine an updated version of Gran Turismo Sport with a campaign and other improvements; seeing as the title already looks incredible on PS4, it’d be a great benchmark for PS5’s hardware, too.

Other first-party projects that we have some awareness of include a potential sequel to The Playroom – we know Asobi Team has been experimenting with the DualSense controller – and some kind of first-person shooter that’s believed to be in production at Guerrilla Games. Sony has said that it wants to do better with multiplayer games. And then there’s the new Uncharted title believed to be in production at a new Sony San Diego team – it could be a huge addition to PS5’s portfolio.

Finally, there’s Silent Hill. While we’re yet to see any real evidence that this exists, online scuttlebutt is practically certain of its existence. The reports suggest it’s in development at Japan Studio ahead of a 2021 release, with most of the original game’s development team reprising their roles. If it’s real, despite the leaks, it’s a potential megaton – and it could form a one-two hit with the announcement of Resident Evil 8, which is likely to have PS5 marketing.

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But what else? Well, there are the obvious third-party titles: FIFA 21 is an enormous franchise that Sony will want associated with PS5, so don’t rule out a short trailer; Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War also seems inevitable, given PlayStation continues to hold series marketing rights. And Watch Dogs Legion will likely be promoted with PS5 branding, seeing as Assassin’s Creed Valhalla has gone the other way.

So, what does that leave us with? The most exciting games: the unknown ones. We can be pretty sure there’s a new Batman title coming from Warner Bros Montreal, and Sony has historically gone hard on this series in the past. And what of Rocksteady? The UK team has been silent for a long time, and must be ready to reveal something. Warner Bros, in fact, has an enormous slate of exciting software rumoured to be in the pipeline: Harry Potter RPG and Hitman 3 as well. It may, ultimately, decide to announce these on its own terms.

Crash Bandicoot continues to be strongly associated with PlayStation, and there are rumours of a new title in the series – it wouldn’t feel right if it were revealed anywhere else. And what of the Japanese games that Sony’s built its brand around? Project Awakening has gathered insane enthusiasm online, while the Yakuza series has reached new levels of fandom in recent years. The market for consoles may be dwindling in the manufacturer’s home territory, but it will still want to make a play for the audience that helped build its name. Monster Hunter, mayhaps?

Of course, if the platform holder showed every single one of the titles we’ve listed here, this would be a livestream for the ages. It’s not going to have all of these games – it probably won’t even have half of them. But some of these will make the grade, along with a sprinkling of surprises no doubt, and if this article didn’t get you antsy about PS5’s reveal, then we don’t know what will. We’re less than a week away from a blowout now. Exciting times.

Which PS5 games do you think Sony will showcase at its next-gen reveal event? Is there anything we haven't listed here that you think is a lock? Dream big in the comments section below.

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