Update: Jason Schreier has added a little more clarification to his comments on the ResetEra forum: "I said there will be something PS5-related happening by mid-June (unless it’s bumped because of COVID-19). I didn’t say 'the PS5 event' because I don’t know how many things they’re doing." Make of that what you will.

Original Story: When will Sony reveal the PlayStation 5 and its line-up of both first and third-party games? That is the question on everyone's minds right now. Recent rumours have pointed towards something happening at the end of this month or an event just afterwards in the early days of June, with GamesBeat's Jeffrey Grubb most notably stating the date of 4th June. Now, soon to be Bloomberg reporter Jason Schreier has thrown his own hat into the ring of speculation.

In a new interview with Press Start, Schreier is asked whether or not there is any credibility to the rumours in question. He responds by saying: "As far as I know, right now, Sony is still on track to do at least one thing by early June let's say. Or by mid-June, let's say."

He then stresses that these plans could still change as the coronavirus pandemic continues to put the world in a state of uncertainty. At least for now, however, it appears we are roughly one month away from Sony revealing its hand. The Japanese giant is heavily rumoured to have a Demon's Souls remake to go alongside its next-gen console at launch, while the likes of Horizon Zero Dawn 2 could follow soon after. Sequels to God of War and Marvel's Spider-Man are also pretty much inevitable.

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