PS5 Event Reveal

When is Sony's PS5 reveal? It's a question that we've been asking for months, and the ongoing coronavirus situation certainly hasn't made things any easier to predict. But now, it's looking more and more likely that we're very close to something big. Rampant rumours have been saying that Sony has its next-gen event set for some point over the next few weeks, and the evidence is really starting to pile up.

Earlier in April, reliable source VGC reported that Sony "recently" had plans to reveal the PS5 in May. However, the publication was unsure if the Japanese giant would be forced to alter these plans because of the aforementioned coronavirus. Still, the report gave us something to go on.

And this is where things start to add up. In-the-know GamesBeat reporter Jeffrey Grubb is hinting that Sony's event could take place on the 4th June, but it sounds an actual PS5 hardware reveal could arrive earlier than that. This makes us think that Sony might just unveil the box itself in a blog post or video -- much like it did with the DualSense controller.

Then we've got the tweet that holds this all together. Following the announcement of Microsoft's Xbox Series X event, taking place next week, well known scoop-master Jason Schreier was asked when Sony's event is happening. He replied: "Few more weeks I believe."

Right now, everything is pointing towards Sony's PS5 event happening either later in May, or in early June. Or potentially both -- it's still difficult to say how Sony will handle this. But the bottom line is that the wheels are turning -- it won't be long now until we see the PS5 and its games.

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