We all know the feeling. You're coming to the end of a two-week holiday with your family which you're sure only ever needed to last seven days and you're bored stiff. What do you do to pass the time? Read a book by the pool? Visit the beach for the third time? No, of course not. You trash the hotel you're staying in and proceed to get thrown out -- spending your last night on the bustling strip. That's what Hotel R'n'R has in mind at least, a PlayStation VR game all about spreading destruction and ruining the fun for other guests.

Arriving later this month on 28th May 2020, you'll be packing your bags for a world tour that will strike fear into hotel employees across the globe. More than 36 weapons give the mayhem a good amount of variety, with the option to combine items to create superweapons. Six different luxury hotel suites provide the backdrop to the ensuing chaos, all in the hopes of appeasing the devil. Yes, you read that right. You're causing all of this trouble because you made a deal with the devil.

To be honest, this looks like a lot of mindless fun. Do you think you'll give Hotel R'n'R a shot? Stick to your room in the comments below.

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