We’ll say it so you don’t have to bother typing it in the comments: Nintendo’s doing more to promote Gravity Rush than Sony. That was funny, wasn’t it? In truth, this trailer isn’t actually made by Nintendo, but a small company who’s taken its Switch exclusive painting app Colors Live to Kickstarter. Spotted by a sharp-eyed fan and reported on by Gravity Rush Central, the above trailer includes fan art of side-kick Raven about 20 seconds in.

It’s a strange thing to see, considering that the game’s maker is unlikely to have obtained a license from the PlayStation maker to include this image. We doubt the manufacturer's legal team will be too fussed, though – it’s more fan art than anything, designed to showcase the app’s potential.

Incredibly, there was actually a version of Colors which launched on the PS Vita almost a decade ago, although this new version’s addition of a pressure-sensitive pen seems capable of delivering much better sketches. We’d recommend backing the Kickstarter, so you can draw pictures of Kutaro from Puppeteer and make gags on social media about how you’re doing more than PlayStation to promote the cult platformer.

[source twitter.com, via gravityrushcentral.com]