As far as keeping a reveal under wraps goes, Mafia: Trilogy hasn't exactly done a good job. Nearly every possible asset has leaked before tomorrow's official announcement, including screenshots, key art, and even trailers. Now, we can give you a glimpse of Mafia III: Definitive Edition, but there's a good chance you actually already own it. That's because it doesn't look like the package will be receiving any enhancements that the original game didn't already sport.

We can say that with some confidence thanks to the leaked trailer you see above. And if you're feeling a sense of déjà vu, it's not ill-placed. It's actually a repeat of the trailer 2K games used to promote Mafia III at Gamescom 2016, except for the fact that it uses the definitive edition title at the end. So, when the package arrives on the PlayStation Store tomorrow, we'd only expect the base game to be bundled with its DLC to form a complete version. Nothing more, nothing less.

Does this now become a piece of the puzzle you can safely skip? Do you already own Mafia III? It was actually a PlayStation Plus game back in August 2018 so the likelihood of that is fairly high. Let us know in the comments below.

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