Mafia II: Definitive Edition PS4

Update: Mafia II: Definitive Edition has also been rated for release in Brazil, as spotted by Gematsu. This is all in addition to the franchise's social media account recently springing into life. An announcement seems imminent.

Update: Mafia II: Definitive Edition has now been rated for PlayStation 4 in Taiwan, rather interestingly, alongside a Mafia III: Definitive Edition. It very much looks like this one is happening.

Original Story: Rumours of a Mafia franchise revival have been doing the rounds for more than six months now following the mixed reception of Mafia III, and that game's predecessor appears to be playing a large part in those supposed plans. Alongside a reboot, Mafia II looks like it's coming to PlayStation 4 in the form of a remaster named Mafia II: Definitive Edition.

Picked up by Gematsu, the release in question has been rated by the Game Rating and Administration Committee of Korea for unknown platforms. We have to assume that the PS4 will be one of the consoles the definitive edition launches on, meaning we could be returning to the streets of 1940s' Empire Bay before too long. Mafia II received three pieces of DLC after its launch in August 2010 for PlayStation 3, so we reckon this remaster will package those together alongside the base game with some graphical enhancements.

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