Doom Eternal Ps4 Playstation 4.original

DOOM Eternal is the best FPS on PlayStation 4, and the experience is only going to get better with two batches of downloadable content planned for the near future. It may not feature Mick Gordon on the audio side of things, but developer id Software has released two new screenshots which provides a very brief glimpse of the first DLC pack.

Shared in a tweet, you can get a good look at the otherworldly planets DOOM Eternal will be taking us to next. You also have to imagine that they'll play host to even more ripping and tearing. Expect new enemies, boss fights, and suit upgrades to go alongside that.

What's more, if you like what you and see and wasn't convinced by the 9/10 Push Square review, you can pick the game up at a discount. DOOM Eternal is this week's PlayStation Store deal of the week, reducing the price of the standard version to £41.22/$44.99. Meanwhile, the Deluxe Edition which will include all DLC comes in at £59.99/$67.49.

Those are some great prices, but will you be buying DOOM Eternal's first piece of post-launch content? Let us know in the comments below.