Call of the Sea Xbox Series X PS5 PlayStation 5

Following the recent Inside Xbox broadcast, which introduced us to several third party next-gen games, we reached out to some of the teams about the status of any PlayStation 5 versions. There was some ambiguity as to which of the titles shown will be exclusive to Xbox and which are coming to Sony's console too. One game we were curious about was Call of the Sea, the mysterious and colourful adventure game from publisher Raw Fury.

Fortunately, we recently had a response about this one. So, is Call of the Sea coming to PS5? As you might expect, the answer isn't clear cut. Our contact told us the publisher has "no further information regarding releases on other consoles", stating the game is to be released on Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Steam.

So, at least for the time being, there is no PS5 version of this particular title. It's possible Raw Fury is unable to confirm anything because of restrictions from Sony, given we've yet to see the console or any games. We'll have to wait and see, then, but official word for now is that the game isn't PS5-bound.

Are you interested in Call of the Sea? Would you pick this one up on PS5 if it makes the jump? Sail into the comments section below.