WWE 2K20

Following rumours that 2K would not be putting out a WWE game later this year, the World Wrestling Entertainment federation has confirmed that this is indeed the case. WWE 2K21 will not be a thing, making 2020 the first year to not play host to an official wrestling game based on the brand since 1998.

However, it isn't too difficult to see why. WWE 2K20 was an unmitigated disaster for developer Visual Concepts, plagued by bugs and glitches which gained a considerable amount of notoriety on social media. As the game blew up through tweets poking fun at it, shared thousands upon thousands of times, the situation only grew worse despite a handful of patches to try and sort the experience out. We have to assume that this backlash played a very, very large part in the decision to cancel WWE 2K21.

Were you hoping that 2K and Visual Concepts would be able to right the sinking ship for this year's entry? Avoid the F5 in the comments below.

[source fightful.com]