It's been five years since Dying Light launched on PlayStation 4 and the first-person parkour experience is still receiving a steady stream of content and support. After releasing 10 pieces of DLC in 2017, which was already incredibly impressive support for a three-year-old game, Techland has announced a new piece of content coming to the PS4 version this summer, titled Hellraid.

Teased in the tweet below, the focus of this content appears to be an arcade machine. That's all the footage tells us, but what's interesting is that the name was actually already being used for a game Techland has had in development for a very long time. Work on the project was put on ice back in May 2015 so we think we can very safely say that it is no longer alive.

We'll be sure to bring you news of what Hellraid actually contains here on Push Square when we can. Do you plan on checking out this new Dying Light DLC in the summer? Survive until then in the comments below.

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