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It doesn’t get half the credit it deserves, but the PlayStation 4’s ingenious Share button is comfortably the greatest innovation of the current generation. The oft-pushed input allows you to store screenshots and short video clips, which can then be shared directly to social media. It also enables you to broadcast gameplay directly from the console itself.

But with PlayStation 5 and its new DualSense controller, Sony is teasing an upgrade: the Create button. While it’s situated in the exact same location as its predecessor, the manufacturer is indicating that this will boast all-new functionality, so what could it entail? Here’s what the platform holder’s said so far: “With Create, we’re once again pioneering new ways for players to create epic gameplay content to share with the world, or just to enjoy for themselves. We’ll have more details on this feature as we get closer to launch.”

It’s safe to assume that all of Share’s original functionality will be bundled with Create, so we imagine you’ll be able to capture screenshots and video clips (potentially in 4K this time) and share them to the Internet. We also assume you’ll still be able to livestream, perhaps with the added option of creating overlays and incorporating widgets into your broadcasts.

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But what else could Create offer? Well, we reckon there’s a good chance that the features and functions of SHAREfactory – the PS4’s console-based video editing suite – will be bundled in this time, allowing you to create transitions between your clips, and add voiceovers, titles, and more. We also think it’ll be possible to render GIFs this time around, especially given the popularity of the animated image files.

Photo modes have proven extremely popular on the PS4, so we’ve been wondering whether it’s possible to build this feature into the PS5’s operating system, allowing all titles to take advantage of it. Realistically, given the differences between engines this seems unlikely – although the manufacturer could offer plenty of post-processing options, like the ability to add filters and borders to screenshots, allowing them to be personalised further.

The name Create implies more, though, so here’s a wild idea: Dreams. We’ve already outlined why we think Media Molecule’s tool should be pre-installed on every PS5 console, but what if pushing it allowed you to boot the software directly, providing you with a blank canvas to design your own assets, compose your own music, and create your own minigames? It would certainly be in-keeping with the button’s name.

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As would a patent that the Japanese giant filed for a feature called “scene tagging” a few years back. Effectively, this would allow you to save scenarios within a game and share them online. You could, for instance, complete a challenging combat gauntlet within your favourite title. In addition to capturing video footage of your feat, others would be able to replicate the scenario in their game and see if they could beat it too.

There’s so much potential here, and while the conversation centres upon the PS5’s SSD and teraflops, Create is one of the features we’re eager to know more about. Exactly how does Sony intend to pioneer the way we “create epic gameplay content”? As the manufacturer itself says, all will be revealed as we shuffle closer to launch. We can speculate in the meantime, though, can’t we?

What features do you want to be offered as part of PS5’s new Create button? Is there anything especially outlandish you reckon the organisation could incorporate? Get creative in the comments section below.

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