PS5 PlayStation 5 Share Scene Tagging Patent

One of Sony's greatest innovations with PlayStation 4 is the Share button, allowing players to quickly grab screenshots or video clips from games they're currently playing and post them for all to see. Yet another patent, dug up by RespawnFirst, suggests sharing this type of content isn't going anywhere on PS5. Not only that, but it sounds like it could be significantly built upon.

The patent application is for something called Scene Tagging, and it seems this could make user-generated videos and images much more interesting. The description of this technology is pretty wordy, but we'll do our best to condense it down.

Scene Tagging will make it so that each gameplay clip shared by PS5 users will generate metadata, which will house information such as what game it's from, where in the game it takes place, what items and characters are present, etc. The purpose of this is that other PS5 players will be able to search for a certain part in a game and then select a relevant clip. Perhaps most interestingly is that viewing said footage "includes recreating the recorded event so that the user can participate within the same event on the user computing device". In a nutshell, this sounds to us like you'll be able to search for a part in a game you want help with, and shared footage from other players will be able to reproduce the scene in your game.

This sounds kind of mad, but could potentially tie into another patent we've been hearing about. It's possible the PS5 will come with an onboard AI helper called PlayStation Assist. Could it be that Sony will let us all help each other out by using the Share button, and making those gameplay clips searchable and interactive with an AI assistant?

It's important to remember that, as this is just a patent, it might not be included in the final machine. However, if Scene Tagging is implemented into PS5, it could give the Share button far more importance. If you're curious, check out the patent for yourself through the link. What do you think of all this? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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