Fans of TV show Lost should be all over this one. Stranded Deep is a first-person survival simulator which tasks you with surviving on a tropical island in the Pacific Ocean and eventually escaping it as you hunt for food and shelter. We don't think it will delve into the supernatural quite as much as the plights of Jack Shephard, but still, this looks like it could be an interesting experience. What's more, it releases tomorrow on PlayStation 4.

Sam Edwards and Ben Massey, co-founders of Beam Team Games, took to the PlayStation Blog to describe the delight of seeing their first console game come to life. "We’ve been working on this game for over 5 years now, a couple of guys out of Brisbane that had jobs in other industries before, but we loved games and we wanted to build something we thought would be fun and people would like to play."

You'll encounter sharks, gigantic squids and other creatures in the ocean while the list of threats doesn't shorten on land. Wild boars, snakes, and other members of the animal kingdom have been added to the game to make for some pretty intense encounters. This new console version actually allows you to complete the game and escape the desert island -- a first for the title.

Stranded Deep was actually announced for PS4 back in 2018, but the developer ran into trouble when its publisher, Telltale Publishing, went out of business. As a result, Beam Team Games has put the game out itself. "Following their closure, we bought back the console rights so that we could publish it ourselves, along with the support of industry friends and the community." Are you interested in checking out Stranded Deep tomorrow? Survive and thrive in the comments below.