SuperMash PS4 PlayStation 4 1

No, it's not a brand of instant mashed potato. SuperMash was announced at the end of last year, and it's all about splicing together various video game genres and playing the results. After its launch on PC, the game-making title is almost ready to go on PlayStation 4.

The game lets you pick two out of six standard genres, and presents you with a playable rendition of that mash-up. Glitches will change certain conditions positively and negatively to keep each hybrid feeling different. You can further augment the experience with Dev Cards, which represent various characters, enemies, and environments. Of course, you're then able to share your creation online for other players to sample. Interestingly, there's also a story mode. Set inside a game retailer, customers provide you with quests, and it's your job to stock the shelves with your finest mash-ups.

We're definitely curious to give this a try, and fortunately, there's not long to wait. SuperMash comes to PS4 on 8th May 2020. Will you be hopping in to see what you can come up with? Blend your opinions together in the comments below.