Silent Hills PS5

Last month, the internet was ablaze with rumours of a Silent Hills revival on PlayStation 5 with Hideo Kojima speculated to be a part of the project. Konami has since stated that this was all completely false, but in the time since then, the sources of those supposed leaks have actually doubled down on their claims. What's more, video game forums are now running amok all over again thanks to two very interesting Instagram posts from a Japanese Manga artist.

Suehiro Maruo, known for his work on various horror Mangas, posted the following to his Tumblr and Instagram with a caption reading: "Afternoon invitations hope you'll join in."

Silent Hills PS5

So, what could this mean? We think it's pretty clear that Maruo was visiting Konami for an unknown reason, but the Silent Hills image itself? It looks like some sort of gigantic gravestone -- truly bizarre. That would be fitting with the horrific and twisted themes of the franchise, however, so we could believe that the Japanese publisher would do something such as this.

As always, take these rumours with a grain of salt, but this is certainly an interesting revelation. What do you make of the Instagram posts? Do you believe that Silent Hills on PS5 is really happening? Share your thoughts in the comments below.