Rock of Ages III: Make & Break is the third entry in the mad and brilliant series from ACE Team. As with its predecessors, the game is a mix of tower defence and platforming; build up your defences while you race down the opposing hill and attempt to smash the door down. It sounds like nonsense, but it works surprisingly well.

Part of the charm of this series is its visual style, recalling Terry Gilliam's wonderful Monty Python animations. You get a taste of this in the above new trailer. In it, Humpty Dumpty has a great fall, and is eventually turned into breakfast by his enemies. However, it turns out the grinning egg had back-up.

Rock of Ages 3 is due out on PlayStation 4 on 2nd June 2020, when you'll be able to play through the story and then build your very own levels and share them with others. Are you excited by this unusual game? Roll up in the comments below.

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