Resident Evil 3 PS4 PlayStation 4 Remake Jill Valentine 1

Resident Evil 3 Remake’s pre-order bonuses include, among other things, a classic Jill Valentine costume inspired by her iconic blue boob tube and miniskirt from the 1999 PSone original. Unfortunately, it’s left some vocal fans fuming, as Capcom has opted to exchange the protagonist’s bottom layer for a pair of shorts. No pantie shots for you, readers.

In some particularly eye-opening exchanges, franchise fans ponder the idea of launching a class action lawsuit against the publisher, claiming that this is false advertising. Others blame Sony’s “draconian” policy against oversexualised games. The truth is that the company probably felt the slightly altered costume retained the spirit of the original while making more sense in its more realistic adaptation.

Whatever the case, there are bigger things in the world to worry about right now, like can you kill Nemesis to begin with? You can learn more about the game in our full Resident Evil 3 remake walkthrough, which also includes all gun upgrade locations and all herb combinations and their effects.