PSN Download Speeds

The PlayStation Network appears to be dealing with the coronavirus situation quite well. Sony's online infrastructure seems to be holding up despite what must be a significant increase in usage as people are forced to stay at home. However, back at the end of March, PlayStation did state that PSN download speeds would be taking a hit as the company helps preserve internet bandwidth.

At first, we didn't notice anything different. We downloaded the likes of Final Fantasy VII Remake -- all 93GB of it -- without a problem. But this week it looks as though download speeds have really dropped off. Here at Push Square Towers, it's taking an age to download relatively small games onto our PlayStation 4. We're also reading a number of reports from across the web that detail a similar change. Either we're just very unlucky, or the PSN is finally being throttled.

Have you noticed slower download speeds at all? Give us a report in the comments section below.