PSN PlayStation Network 1

PlayStation Network may have earned a reputation for being unreliable in its earlier days, but Sony’s really shored up the service in the past five or so years. We’ve got to give the company kudos for keeping the console online these past couple of months, then, as the ongoing coronavirus crisis means there’s more people playing than ever before.

Despite the platform holder announcing plans to throttle download speeds, there hasn’t been any significant downtime outside of the odd isolated incident. Final Fantasy VII Remake’s digital launch went without a hitch this week, and while you may find that it’s taking longer than usual to download software from the PlayStation Store, the delays haven’t been too dramatic on our end.

We hope the PlayStation maker releases some data at a later date, because it would be fascinating to learn just how much of an uptick there’s been in PSN usage since the world went into lockdown. Are you playing your PS4 more at the moment? How have things been holding up for you? Stay connected in the comments section below.