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Did you know that the PS Vita still receives new games on an almost weekly basis? Sony may have pulled the plug on the platform years ago, but smaller developers are continuing to support it in 2020 – an impressive feat for a format which apparently limped to around 16 million units sold. Many of the new titles are cross-buy with PlayStation 4, but it’s neat that there’s still reason for you to power the portable up.

Among the latest releases include Rush Rover, a thoroughly likeable dual-joystick shooter that does little new but will keep you entertained while you’re on the khazi. Then you’ve got side-scroller Random Heroes: Gold Edition, a simplistic platformer with plenty of protagonists. Wurroom is an interactive art experience that will cost you less than a packet of crisps, while Battle Rockets is an actual exclusive from Gumbo Machine and is described as a “sh’mup fighter”.

Alright, none of these titles are going to set the world alight, but if you invested in a PS Vita and still enjoy playing it, then it’s neat to know that the indie development community is continuing to support it. Sony’s largely abandoned the handheld’s PlayStation Store these days, so most titles don’t even appear in the new releases section – but you can filter out fresh handheld titles on the web-based storefront, so have a browse if you haven’t already.