Quantum Error PS5 PlayStation 5

Quantum Error is one of PlayStation 5's first confirmed games. The horror title from TeamKill Media will apparently play "like Dead Space in first person", and is likely to arrive early in the next-gen machine's life. However, did you know it's also billed for a PS4 release?

It might be a cross-gen game, but the developer has told GamingBolt that PS5 has its full attention, first and foremost. "At the moment our focus is primarily on the PS5, so at first everything is going to be calibrated for that platform and we won’t do most of the optimizing for the PS4 until we are close to being finished," the studio says. In other words, the game is being built with PS5 in mind, while the PS4 port will come much later in development.

Another interesting detail is that the game is aiming for a campaign of about 15 to 20 hours in length, so the cosmic horror shooter should have a pretty meaty story.

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