Quantum Error PS5 PlayStation 5 1

There’s always a huge window of opportunity for smaller studios when new consoles are announced. While we’re all patiently waiting for our first PlayStation 5 software blowout, developers like TeamKill Media have been proudly chatting about their next-gen projects. In this instance, Quantum Error is a first-person horror title, also planned for the PlayStation 4.

But as part of an interview with Gaming Bolt, it shed a little light on the style of gameplay it’s shooting for. “Gameplay will be very similar to a game like DOOM 3 or Dead Space but in first-person,” development duo Dakoda Jones and Micah Jones revealed. “It will be a slower paced FPS trickled with a variety of mechanics that revolve around the main character’s skills as a firefighter.”

The team continued that there’ll be puzzles pertaining to oxygen levels and ventilation, and these will all contribute towards the release’s “eerie” atmosphere. “When it comes to building the horror aspect it will be done in a way that promotes atmosphere over anything scripted,” the studio added. “No jump scares or anything cheap like that. The game’s entire atmosphere will be the embodiment of eerie.”

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