What do you get if you cross Beat Saber with Superhot? No, that's not a joke set-up, and yes, the answer is indeed Pistol Whip. Announced for PlayStation VR at the start of this year, the acclaimed on-rails rhythm shooter is almost here. Writing on the PlayStation Blog, Cloudhead Games' Antony Stevens confirms the trippy, action movie-inspired title comes to Sony's headset this summer.

"You know how in action movie trailers they sync all the gunfire and fisticuff sounds to match up with the music — that’s what it feels like to play Pistol Whip, our first-of-its-kind action-rhythm FPS for PlayStation VR," Stevens says. It certainly looks stylish in the new trailer above.

The game is like an on-rails shooter, taking you through typical action flick settings filled with baddies. Your job is to gun them all down to the beat of the music. Stevens tells of ways the game aims to keep you playing: "Each scene comes with three difficulties, and we have a suite of weapon personalization options and gameplay modifiers, including dual wield akimbo, to mix up the flow, challenge you, and encourage new playstyles as you chase friends and global leaderboards".

Interestingly, players won't be penalised for shooting off-rhythm. You can play the game "entirely rhythmless like a classic arcade shooter", or aim for on-point timing if you want to achieve the top scores.

We're very much looking forward to this interesting project when it arrives this summer. What do you think of Pistol Whip? Shoot the breeze in the comments below.

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