No Man's Sky continues to receive regular, meaty updates with yet another substantial addition from Hello Games. The latest free game update is named Exo Mech, and adds in the cool-looking Minotaur mech suit. You can see some gameplay footage in the above trailer.

Usable in and out of PlayStation VR, you can hop into this mech and traverse planets from the safety of its cockpit. The mech suit is immune to all hazardous environments, and you can mine for resources while piloting the machine. You can also upgrade its mining laser into a terraforming beam, if you want. It comes equipped with a powerful jetpack too, allowing you to bound around planets. If you own a freighter ship, you'll be able to build new technology that allows you to summon your mech suit to a planet's surface, Titanfall style.

No Man's Sky's updates are never that straightforward, though. In addition to all the mech stuff, there's a huge list of other improvements and changes, which you can view over on the official site. The update is available to download now. Will you be dropping back into this game to check out the mechs? Do the robot in the comments below.