Those lovable geeks over at Digital Foundry have uploaded a technical analysis of Final Fantasy VII Remake, and it's well worth a watch. The team's blown away by much of the game, praising its rock solid performance, art direction, detail, and stunning story cutscenes. But, much like we pointed out in our 8/10 review of the release, Remake does suffer from very strange environmental texture issues in certain areas. They're often so bad that we even went as far as to write a separate report on them, complete with screenshots.

Much like us, Digital Foundry wonders whether it's some kind of graphical bug. If it is, here's hoping that it gets fixed, because while we all know visuals aren't everything in a game, these textures definitely distract from an otherwise gorgeous PlayStation 4 title.

Interestingly, the team say that they tried playing on a PS4 Pro with an SSD installed, to see whether better textures could be forced through -- but it didn't change anything apart the speed at which the low quality textures loaded in.

Indeed, the textures are pretty much the only point of criticism that Digital Foundry has -- everything else is top notch. Square Enix is no stranger to making lovely looking games, and Final Fantasy VII Remake is another beauty. Well, mostly.