Final Fantasy VII Remake Graphics PS4 PS4 Pro

If you've played the Final Fantasy VII Remake demo, then you'll already know just how good the game can look. At times, it's absolutely stunning. The impressively detailed character models, the lighting, the art direction -- it's all gorgeous when it wants to be. But as the title of this article suggests, there's a much uglier side to Remake that you'll never see in trailers or vertical slices of gameplay.

Final Fantasy VII Remake has a serious issue with incredibly low quality environmental textures on both the standard PlayStation 4, and the PS4 Pro. To clarify, many of the game's areas look fantastic -- the first mako reactor being one of them -- but some locations look downright terrible.

All of the pictures in this article were captured directly from our PS4 Pro in the highest possible resolution (3840x2160).

Now, you may not really notice these textures as you're sprinting through Midgar towards your next objective, but stop for a second to take in the sights, and boy do they look bad. 'Baffling' is the word that we used in our Final Fantasy VII Remake review, and for good reason. This is a very linear game -- it's not like it has to load in an entire open world -- and so it seems crazy that textures can look this crap.

As we noted in our aforementioned review, we thought this was some kind of bug at first. We tried the game on a number of different setups and nothing changed. We even tried standing in place for an extended period of time just to see if higher quality textures would pop in. Again, nothing changed.

Of course, graphics aren't everything -- we all know that -- but Remake's texture problem can be so bad that it's difficult to ignore. At worst, it's a disappointing distraction that takes you out of the game.

Just look at this poor shopkeeper:

Final Fantasy VII Remake Textures

And this poor woman, who's stuck in some kind of PS2 hell:

Final Fantasy VII Remake Ugly Textures

Hopefully this turns out to be an issue that's easily fixed. We've reached out to Square Enix to see whether this is a known problem, but we're yet to receive a full reply. We'll be sure to update this article as soon as we know more.