The coronavirus pandemic has had a gigantic effect on the Formula One season which was supposed to start last month with the Australian Grand Prix. That, of course, never happened and neither did the races planned for Bahrain and Vietnam. The Dutch, Spanish, and Monaco Grand Prix have all been scrapped too. This means that when F1 2020 launches on PlayStation 4 on 10th July 2020, it could represent a season of racing which never actually takes places. MLB The Show 20 also finds itself in this position when it comes to US sport baseball.

It's a very strange situation indeed because we'd be hard-pressed to imagine races planned for June and July going ahead either. Because of that, however, the F1 eSports Virtual Grand Prix has seen a significant rise in interest.

Back to the game and what will probably be the last F1 title on PS4 will feature a new My Team mode which pitches you as becoming "the 11th team in the biggest F1 game yet". Two-player split-screen will be included alongside more customisation settings, and a Michael Schumacher Deluxe Edition will include the famous racer himself.

If you're upset by the lack of F1 racing this year, will you be picking up F1 2020 this summer? Race into the comments below.