Destroy All Humans isn't the only PlayStation 2 favourite getting a revival this year. THQ Nordic is also publishing SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom Rehydrated, and it's not looking too shabby at all in this new gameplay clip. Thanks to Gematsu, we now have a fresh seven-minute look at the game, embedded above.

It's the same demo we've seen before, but it's now looking a bit more polished and fleshed out for its showing at PAX East. The vivid presentation remains, and it looks to be running very smoothly. Presumably this is the PC build, but we'd expect the PS4 version to achieve similar performance. Aside from that, it just looks like a fun, straightforward platformer that'll make for a nice trip down memory lane for fans.

There's no release date officially in place for SpongeBob yet, although a Nintendo infographic seems to suggest we'll take the trip to Bikini Bottom in May 2020. Are you ready, kids? Sing along in the comments below.