Will Konami ever do anything with the Silent Hill IP again? We certainly hope so, and with rumours of some sort of reboot in the works, our dreams might come true before too long. However, fans who are tired of waiting for the Japanese publisher to do something are now taking things into their own hands, with this excellent Silent Hill 2 VR trailer to prove it.

Put together by David Post, who is also the creator behind the Death Stranding PSone trailer demake, the footage above captures the terrifying atmosphere of the town to a tee, complete with the sort of monsters you'd find within its depths. We're especially impressed by the attempt to adapt the classic item menu to VR -- situated on your arm with navigation controlled by your free hand. There is even a Pyramid Head sighting and a return to that bowling alley cutscene. Shot entirely in first-person, this is one of the best fanmade trailers we've come across in quite some time. Can Konami better it? We'll see.

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