Update (4th March): And just like that, players have completed the PlayStation Player Celebration event by unlocking a final dynamic theme. This means collectively the community has started 675,000 PS4 games and unlocked 2.7 million Trophies.

Update (2nd March): The second goal has been achieved, with participating players unlocking a set of five avatars. You can learn more through here.

Update (27th February): It didn't take long for players to hit the first PlayStation Player Celebration goal, with the target being reached within 72 hours.

Original Article: After the excellent Ghost of Tsushima and The Last of Us: Part II themes handed out over the past couple of months, Sony is set to continue its hot streak of free content with the PlayStation Player Celebration. Sign-ups start today, and you can earn free PlayStation 4 themes, avatars, and even enter a contest to win some of the console's best games.

And quite literally all you'll need to do is keep playing PS4 games. The scheme itself starts on 24th February with Stage One of the community-driven contest, where contestants will need to play 125,000 titles and earn 500,000 Trophies. This is accumulatively across every PSN member who signs up, and if achieved, unlocks a static PS4 theme and an exclusive PSN avatar.

Goal Two unlocks as soon as those statistics have been reached, at which point players will then need to start 375,000 games and unlock 1.5 million Trophies. This goal comes with the reward of five exclusive PSN avatars, while the third and final goal comes with an exclusive PS4 dynamic theme featuring some of the console's best exclusive games. 675,000 games will need to be played and 2.7 million Trophies unlocked to reach that stage.

Better yet, you'll also be able to enter a contest on 17th March 2020 which will hand out some fancy prizes to the winners. There's a real-life PlayStation Platinum Trophy up for grabs, a PlayStation Store voucher, and vouchers codes for a number of PS4 games. You'll need to sign up for the PlayStation Player celebration in order to enter, however.

Will you be banding together with the community and trying to reach the three goals PlayStation has put in front of us? Let us know which one of the new avatars is your favourite in the comments below.

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