Gamescom 2019
Image: MP1st

Quite literally every single event across the world right now is being cancelled or pushed back to a more suitable time due to the Coronavirus epidemic. And with Gamescom 2020 scheduled to take place in August, it won't be too long until the event's organizers will have to make a decision on what to do with the expo. Hopefully, we'll all be in a better place by the time it rolls around, but if Gamescom 2020 is cancelled, a plan has been put in place to ensure it remains a large presence online.

In a joint statement reported on by, the show's digital footprint will be "significantly expanded and new modules added" should it be scrapped. A decision will take place in mid-May as to whether that will happen or not. With Gamescom Opening Night Live already confirmed to be returning this year and indeed in the years to come, we reckon this part of the show will be greatly expanded to accommodate a selection of the demos which would have featured on the show floor. You have to assume that a large part of those kiosks would be for PlayStation 5 games, so an entirely digital Gamescom event would place a large focus on the next generation.

If Gamescom 2020 does fall victim to the Coronavirus, it's nice to know that the event planners have some sort of contingency plan in place to ensure those announcements aren't gone to waste. Let us know your thoughts on this in the comments below.