PS5 Cooling System Fan Noise PS4

The PlayStation 4 can get really loud. Chances are that if you're a regular user, you'll have heard your PS4's fans kick into gear at some point, and with older consoles, it can be especially noticeable. But dreaded fan noise may be a thing of the past when it comes to the PlayStation 5.

During the PS5 deep dive with system architect Mark Cerny, he admits that Sony may not have done the best job of controlling power consumption with the PS4 -- the main reason as to why the current-gen machine gets loud. That won't be the case with PS5, however. Cerny says that the next-gen console's "fairly sizeable" GPU, combined with a new approach to handling power, means that the system should be much better at managing its own cooling solution.

Without getting too technical, the PS5 opts for a set amount of power when running games, but uses a "variable frequency". This allows Sony to fit the PS5 with a cooling system that's specifically built to handle the set amount of power that the console demands. In theory, this means that the PS5's fans won't be forced into overdrive because the necessary power consumption will always stay the same. Phew.

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