Elden Ring PS4

Where art thou, Elden Ring? The collaborative project which brings From Software and George R.R. Martin under a single roof has been missing in action ever since its announcement at E3 2019, nearly nine months ago to the day. It's certainly out of character for the developer, with many of its more recent projects launching less than a year after their official unveiling. Elden Ring is the clear outlier, and due to the fact that E3 2020 was supposed to be taking place in just a couple of months time, the game's Reddit community had pinned its hopes on finally seeing some gameplay at the show. Of course, that's no longer going to happen.

The reaction to the cancellation of E3 2020 across the Elden Ring Reddit community has been mixed to say the least. Some have taken it in their stride, creating comedic gifs, images, and memes to commemorate the moment, while others have reacted rather negatively -- even leaving the community altogether. "I'm just tired of seeing the same memes and fake lore everyday over and over again, And with the E3 being canceled news we lost our only hope for getting a new gameplay or trailer for this game. Goodbye."

We've gathered together some of the more level headed and comical responses below for your viewing pleasure.

Of course, the cancellation of this year's Electronic Entertainment Expo doesn't mean Elden Ring can't finally reveal itself to the world. Many publishers and hardware manufacturers, including Microsoft, are planning on putting together digital showcases in replacement of their live events so theoretically, the vast majority of the announcements and reveals which were planned for the event should still take place.

Despite being a PlayStation-focused site, we mention Microsoft in particular because it was the Xbox E3 2019 press conference which played host to Elden Ring's initial unveiling. We don't know if the team in green has a marketing deal with the Japanese developer, but history would dictate that Microsoft will be who we turn to in order to see Elden Ring once more. Do you hope to see the game at some point in June at a digital conference? Prepare to wait a little bit longer in the comments below.

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