Dead Or Alive 6 PS4

Just when you thought microtransactions couldn't get any worse, Dead or Alive 6 comes up with a new tactic to nickel and dime you that little bit more. Introduced with update 1.60 on PlayStation 4, you'll now need to pay real-life money just to change your hair colour.

If the thought of that isn't bad enough, you're not actually paying for an unlock. You're charged $1 in the US to change a character's hair colour, but then if you don't take a liking to the new look, you'll have to pay another dollar to change it back. This went live alongside a new patch which promised a variety of new customisation options for the fighters, but we can't imagine the community thought it would then have to pay for the pleasure.

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Although, this isn't the first time Dead or Alive 6 has charged an extortionate amount of money to gain access to its content. With a season pass which costs much more than the actual game, coming in at $93/£72 for just some costume packs and two new characters, we can't say we're impressed by the effort to milk as much money out of the game as possible. It's not even that good, earning a 6/10 in the Push Square review.

What do you make of this? Do you think it's just as ridiculous as we do?