Dead or Alive 6 Season Pass Price

With the game out today, the first -- that's right, first -- season pass for Dead or Alive 6 is up for purchase on the PlayStation Store. As predicted by many, it looks like Koei Tecmo and Team Ninja are using the same approach with Dead or Alive 6 that they used with Dead or Alive 5. That is to say, support the title with numerous season passes, each of them costing an eye-watering $92.99/£73.99.

It goes without saying that seeing a season pass that costs more than the actual game is crazy, but we're going to try and break this down. According to the store's description of the pass, it'll give players access to a whole season of content, including at least four costume packs and two new characters -- one of them being Mai from The King of Fighters.

If you give Dead or Alive 6 the benefit of the doubt and assume that these costume packs are gonna be pretty substantial, then maybe it all adds up. That said, $93! For costumes and two characters! It still seems mental.

Clearly this is a model that worked for Dead or Alive 5, or Koei Tecmo wouldn't be pushing it a second time. We're not going to point fingers at people who enjoy Dead or Alive enough to buy these season passes, but bloody hell, $93!

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