Thor Ragnarok
Image: Marvel

Here's something odd and rather funny -- Marvel's Avengers' achievement list for the Xbox One version of the game has just made its way online on Exophase. We're not entirely sure how or why this has happened, we're a bit bemused by the thing over here at Push Square Towers, but we can actually gather some extra information on the game through the achievement descriptors.

Don't forget that the PlayStation 4 version of the game will almost certainly have the same list of trinkets so start planning out how you'll make your way to the Platinum Trophy now. There are references to the Inhumans, rescuing Captain America who quite clearly isn't actually dead, and increasing your Avenger rank to 250 and above. It looks like by the end of the campaign, you'll have reunited the Avengers once again.

Maybe this is a fault on the behalf of Square Enix since the title was originally scheduled to launch in three months time, or possibly something else? We don't know how this has happened, we're definitely not used to seeing Trophy lists more than six months before the game in question is supposed to release. Still, it's rather humorous all the same.