Atomic Heart is a game we instantly wanted to play when we saw its absolute corker of a reveal trailer. In case you don't remember, it's a BioShock-esque first person game set in an alternate Soviet Russia, and it looks brilliantly eerie. It's a shame we've not seen a whole bunch of this promising title, but it seems Russian journalists have at least gotten a chance to take a peek.

In the above video, Alexey Makarenkov, a presenter for Russian YouTube channel 4game, discusses his four-hour demonstration of Atomic Heart. If you can handle the constant voiceover, the 40-minute video is interspersed with new footage from the game, and it's looking as creepy and unusual as ever.

We still have no clue when to expect this game to arrive, but it seems development is ticking along nicely. What do you think of Atomic Heart? Look out for freaky robots in the comments below.