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Sony’s various regional branches have historically acted largely independently but beginning last year PlayStation has been attempting to unify its divisions. We saw an example of this in a recent marketing campaign, which was consistent across the entire globe, but emphasised different brands depending on the region.

And now we’re beginning to see sale themes mirrored across the United States and Europe. Historically, each territory has run its own promotions, but this week both the Critically Acclaimed and Retro & Remasters sales launched at the exact same time. While there are differences between the software on sale, the themes are consistent across each region.

This will obviously have its advantages and disadvantages. On the plus side, neither territory will feel left out when a particularly good promotion drops, but on the other hand, PlayStation’s strength in the past has been tailoring its activity to the tastes of particular regions. How do you feel about the unification of Sony’s efforts? Let us know in the comments section below.