PSVR PlayStation VR 2 Controller Concept Patent 1

It's highly likely Sony will be looking into a new iteration of its PlayStation VR tech, especially with PS5 on the horizon. One recently approved patent goes over some nifty ideas for a supposed PSVR 2, though whether the final product bears any resemblance remains to be seen. Now, yet another patent from Sony (thanks, UploadVR) focuses in on virtual reality controllers.

PSVR PlayStation VR 2 Controller Concept Patent

As you can see in the above images, the concept for this device is reminiscent of Valve's Index controllers. If you're unfamiliar, they behave much like PS Move controllers, but feature a strap that goes around the back of the hand, allowing the player to let go of the device without dropping it. This, combined with a multitude of sensors and finger tracking technology, makes for much more accurate input, especially for gestures and picking up virtual objects. The drawings also show four buttons surrounding what looks like a thumb stick.

It's not surprising that Sony is exploring this sort of hardware, and we'd certainly like to see improved controllers for PSVR. The Move wands are okay, but are definitely a step behind what other VR companies are producing. We must always remember that patents are never a true indication of what will hit store shelves, though. If and when the platform holder does bring out PSVR 2, we'd expect the headset and its controllers to look pretty different.

Still, it's interesting, isn't it? What do you think of Sony's latest patent? Would improved controllers seal the deal on PSVR 2? No rude hand gestures in the comments below.

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