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Image: Let's Go Digital

Sony’s stressed the importance of transitioning PlayStation 4 owners to the PlayStation 5 as fast as possible, and one analyst believes it could ship six million next-gen consoles by 31st March next year. With a November launch likely, it means that the organisation would have about five months to get that many systems into retail, with the all-important Christmas period part of it, of course. Hideki Yasuda, of Japanese firm Ace Research Institute, added that he’d expect a further 15 million devices to be shipped during the following fiscal year.

It’s worth noting, however, that this prediction was made prior to the Coronavirus crisis escalating, which could seriously threaten to thwart the PS5’s launch – or at the very least limit how many units actually get made. Honestly, this situation seems fluid, and it’s unlikely the Japanese giant itself has a firm grasp on how its impending launch will be affected yet. We’ll learn more as we edge closer to Holiday 2020, which is the release window the organisation announced last year.

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